Confabulation Presents: DANGER!

With all the sinkholes, email hacks, and haunted houses lying around, the world is a terrifying place, and Confabulation wants to provide a little comfort in times like these. Let’s meet on February 6th at Mainline Theatre for Confabulation Presents: Danger! Stories of weak knees, triumph, and tenacity in the face of great peril.

Whether it’s the sound of sirens, a super secret spidey sense, or simply someone screaming, “Danger!” we all have our own alert systems. Let us know how you deal with the sense of impending doom by submitting your stories here. We provide one-on-one workshops, friendship, and support in this crazy mixed up world, so join us! There’s strength in numbers.

(Photo cred: Leigh Kinch-Pedrosa)

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