Code of Conduct

Our Mandate is as Follows:

  1. To promote and practice the art of true-life storytelling within Canada;

  2. To showcase a diversity of stories and storytellers;

  3. To collaborate with, assist, and develop the community of storytellers;

  4. To create a platform for unheard voices, emerging artists and professional storytellers. To give voice to the multitude of actual, lived experiences of our communities—connecting people with true stories of our world.

In trying to follow this mandate, we ask that all participants (storytellers, producers, coaches, and instructors for StoryLab) respect the following code of conduct:

  1. This is a community space. All members of our community are to be treated fairly and with respect. All participants in this space are to be treated respectfully and equitably. Similarly, the stories we tell should be told with the community in mind. Stories that are clearly sexist, racist, trans or homophobic, or in any other way aggressive or offensive are not welcome. Stories of recognizing our own bias are certainly interesting; but a story that demeans others to aggrandize the storyteller, or just to be funny, are not.

  2. This is a positive space. While we may ask each other questions, or push each other to go further in this process, this is to be done in a thoughtful and kind manner. Just as the live show celebrates our storytellers, so too will our work here. Cynicism or prejudice about other’s work or the storyteller themselves is unacceptable. We lift each other up whenever we can.

  3. This is a safe space. Storytellers may choose to open up about very personal or difficult issues in this space. The work we do here, stays here. The stories we work on belongs to the artist themselves.

  4. This is our space. If there are issues please contact either Matt Goldberg, Artistic Director (Montreal) or Deb VanSlet, General Manager at All such conversations are strictly confidential.

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