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Centaur Theatre

Lies I told my parents

Confabulation Montreal presents: “Lies I told my parents — Stories of missed curfews, careful omissions and getting caught red-handed.” Saturday

Victoria Event Centre: 1415 Broad Street


Confabulation Victoria Presents: “Endings: Stories of inevitable outcomes, forks in the road, and next chapters” Thursday, March 21 @ 7:30

A child sneaking a treat off the counter.
Victoria Event Centre: 1415 Broad Street

Lies I Told My Parents

Confabulation Victoria Presents: “Lies I Told My Parents: Stories of missed curfews, careful omissions, and getting caught red-handed” Thursday, April

Théâtre Mainline

Food Fights

Confabulation Montreal presents: “Food Fights — Stories of family traditions, minced words and soul food.” Saturday April 20, 2024 @

La Sala Rossa


Confabulation Montreal presents: “Coincidence — Stories of happy accidents, remarkable connections and falling out of sync.” Friday May 17, 2024

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