Confab Storylab

Craft Your Storytelling Skills


Confab StoryLab offers a variety of storytelling workshops throughout the year. 

These workshops are for everyone: first-time storytellers and those with experience on stage.

They are also about building community; being in a workshop means taking the time to shape and share your story with peers.

Our Workshops

Storylab offers in-person workshops for organizations and individuals in Montreal and Victoria, as well as online workshops for storytellers around the world.

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All in the Timing

6 week workshop

October 30 to December 4, 2023  

plus Showcase evening!

Michele Luchs and Deb Vanslet will help you find the words and the rhythm of your story as you prepare to tell it on stage.

Mondays 19h-21h   $200

In person

4001-201 rue Berri Montreal H2L 4H2

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Setting the Scene

6 Week Workshop
Breath some fresh air into your stories – think of it as spring-cleaning, or drying your laundry in the sunshine.
This workshop is for everyone! Whether you’re a first-time storyteller, a veteran, or somewhere in-between.
Spring 2022

From Anecdote to Story

6 Week Workshop

Led by Confabulation producers Deb Vanslet and Michele Luchs, this workshop is designed to help you navigate your memories, shape your anecdotes into stories, and share them with an audience. True as you can tell them. This workshop will help you find the bits and pieces that make your stories come to life.

Autumn 2021


Find your Story

6 Week Workshop

Confabulation producers Smriti Bansal and Francesca Esguerra will host this 6 week course designed to help you find your story. Places are limited, so priority will be given to our BIPOC community & people who’ve never worked with us before.

Summer 2021

Looking for a custom storytelling learning experience for your next corporate or school event?

What You’ll Learn

Through our various courses you’ll walk away with knowledge on:

  • Finding your story

  • Writing, editing, & structuring your story

  • Offer & integrating feedback

  • Performing in front of live audiences

  • Using storytelling to develop presentations & pitches

Loved by Storytellers Around the World​

“Singing in the shower is great fun, but storytelling needs an audience! Joining a group workshop at Confabulation gives you both the audience and the expertise of a team of leaders. You will effortlessly, okay there's some work, go from an anecdote to a compelling story in your own unique voice. With support, encouragement and respectful feedback every step of the way.”
Claire Sherwood
“I had been thinking about storytelling for some time. Three years ago I saw a live performance of Confabulation. I found the performance very interesting and the fact that it was about real life events made them very touching. After that performance I joined a few Confabulation workshops and learnt a great deal about storytelling. Performing for Confabulation has given me a new career opportunity and has encouraged me to become a storyteller myself.”​
Roksana Bahramitash