Stories, True as we can Tell Them

Confabulation is a monthly storytelling event, based in Montreal and Victoria, where we share stories, from the people that lived them. They are honest accounts, told without notes, props, or gimmicks.

Upcoming Shows

See our upcoming shows in Montreal and Victoria.


Next show in Montreal: September 2024

Heartfelt thanks to everyone for your stories and your support this season and we look forward to welcoming you back


Next show in Victoria: October 2024

Thanks for your support of Confabulation Victoria! We are on summer break and can’t wait to welcome you back in

Tell Your Story

Everyone has a story to tell – and we are dedicated to helping our communities find, shape, and share these narratives.

Listen to the Podcast

Spotlighting some of our favourite stories from the live shows, as well as conversations with the storytellers and producers.

Attend a Workshop

Offered in a range of formats and structures, Confabulation Storylab courses are taught by veteran storytellers and producers.

Love Letters From our Community

“As an audience member, the intimate crowd size feels as if we’re all listening to a friend tell us their story. As a storyteller, it’s the first place I recommend people go who are interested in getting up on stage. You’ll be guided by non-pretentious, welcoming veterans who will help you get you and your story ready for a crowd.For somebody new to the city or the scene, Confabulation is the perfect foot-in-the-door.”

Trevor Kjorlien, Plateau Astro

“Confabulation has become a key part of the anglo cultural scene in Montreal. Over the years, it has nurtured dozens of amateur storytellers powered by an elaborate ecosystem of courses, workshops, pop-ups, and individual mentoring. The result? Every Confab event delivers a wonderful storytelling experience. I’m always impressed by the edgy but polished stories, a combination that's very hard to achieve in a live performance that features people with day jobs far removed from the stage. What makes all this possible is the obvious love of good storytelling and a commitment to the idea that each one of us has the power to move others by sharing the experiences that have shaped us.”

Ray Tomalty, PhD, Principal,
Smart Cities Research

“The Confabulation ambience always evoked a magical feeling for me: you’re among strangers but enveloped in a story, you feel connected across space and time to everything the narrative invokes. As a storyteller from a science background who had no experience with theatre or comedy, performing for the incredibly supportive audience enabled me to find my courage, creativity, and catharsis on the Confabulation stage.”

Zahraa Chorghay, PhD,

A monthly storytelling event … without notes, props, or gimmicks


Confabulation is a proud member of the storytelling community within Canada. We regularly work in collaboration with other groups and seek to help grow this community of true-life storytellers in Canada and around the world.