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Confabulation is a monthly storytelling event, based in Montreal and Victoria, where we share stories, told true as we can tell them. They are honest accounts, from the people that lived them, told without notes, props, or gimmicks.

Confabulation was founded by comedian, writer, and actor, Matt Goldberg in 2010. Since then, the show has played on stages across Montreal (including Mainline Theatre, the McCord Museum, Centre Phi, and the Centaur Theatre) and worked with local partners like the Just For Laughs Festival, CBC Books, Broad Science and the Montreal Intercultural Storytelling Festival. In 2015, we began producing events in Victoria and Toronto—where the show has continued to thrive, expanding the community of storytellers across Canada.

What sets Confabulation apart from other true-life storytelling shows is our dedication to the craft of storytelling. All storytellers, from veterans to first-timers, work with our production team to sharpen their art and give the show a focused, coherent feeling.

Our mandate:

1)    To promote and practice the art of true-life storytelling within Canada;

2)    To showcase a diversity of stories and storytellers;

3)    To train, assist, and develop a community of storytellers;

4)  To offer a platform for unheard voices, emerging artists and professional storytellers. To give voice to the multitude of actual, lived experiences of our communities—connecting people with true stories of our world.

Confabulation is grateful for the support of the Montreal Arts Council — sponsors of so many great works in Montreal.

Meet the Confabulations Team & Storytelling Performers

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“Even in this frantic digital age, we still seek the comfort of a heartfelt connection.”

Leslie Schachte / Montreal Gazette​

“This is how ​Vinyl Café​ might sound if Stuart Mclean was gagged and tossed in a closet so that the writers could tell their own stories.”

Peter Wheeland / Cult MTL

“The room might be full of strangers, but after listening to a handful of them tell funny, touching and totally true stories about themselves, you can’t help but feel like everyone around you has made a connection.”

Rudrapriya Rathore ​ / Rhino Montreal

“(Confabulation) encourages people to share because they can run with their ideas in an encouraging environment”

Rachel Levine / Cult MTL

“It seems that Montrealers wanted something like this”

Nantali Indongo / CBC News