Confabulation presents: Tell the Family

Ladies and Gentlemen.

Once upon a Confab event,
Rules were laid out and rarely bent.
No notes, no props, no gimmicks, or tricks
(Though occasionally a few rule breakers are allowed in the mix.)
Stories must be told, and they must be true,
Above all, they should have happened to you.

But upon our annual holiday show,
We hear that story that happened to your bro.
Or that grandparent caught in war,
Whose experiences shaped your very core.
Our stories are still shared, but so too the tales of our relative,
Passed down the tree, if not one that we did live.

We’ve had great tales of ocean travel,
And Jewish Christmases, and psychic Dads, and other babble.
The stories remain true as can be told,
But with our parents stories, we may now be bold.
The goal is the same — share who we are,
But with fewer prescriptions, they may go far,
To explore not just who you grew up to be,
But how we are shaped — by choice, by act, and by family.

Submissions now open for Confabulation presents: Tell the Family.

Stories can be your own, or those you inherit.

Send all submissions to or fill out the form here.

Confabulation Presents: Tell the Family
Saturday, December 7th, 2013 at 8pm
MainLine Theatre – 3997 St-Laurent
Montreal, Quebec