Confabulation Montreal Presents: Made to be Broken

While the Confabulation storytellers are usually sweet little angels, we can’t be goodie goodies all year long. Sometimes we’ve got to bust down barriers and leap over limits, because rules are made to be broken. Join us for Confabulation Presents: Made to be Broken, and watch us go buck wild on the Mainline stage.

If this were any other night we’d say:

No props. No gimmicks. No notes. Be truthful.


A story MUST be told by the person who lived it!

But on April 2nd we only have one rule: There are no rules.

(okay, two rules. Stories must be ten minutes max. We can’t have absolute anarchy at the Mainline.)

This month we feature hijinks from the likes of:

Maggie Winston, Speranza Spir, storytelling duo Alison and Tracey, host Matt Goldberg, and more!


*Shout out to Jeff Gandell for that brilliant idea.


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Confabulation presents: Broken Telephone

For January, that most confusing of months, Confabulation — Montreal’s monthly all-true storytelling show — is proud to present Broken Telephone: Tales of miscommunication, misunderstanding, and mistaken identity. And we’re proud, as always, to have our January event be part of the Bouge d’ici dance festival!

Now accepting story submissions — send them to [email protected], or fill out the form here.

Confabulation presents: Broken Telephone
Saturday, January 11th, 2014 at 8pm
MainLine Theatre – 3997 St-Laurent
Montreal, Quebec

Tickets, as always, are pay what you can.