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Fans of great stories and great radio rejoice! CBC Literary Prizes and Confabulation — Montreal’s original monthly, all-true storytelling showcase — are joining forces! The CBC is launching a three city storytelling project called All Told — True Stories from the True North. They’ll be in Toronto, working with Raconteurs Storytelling. They’ll be in Vancouver, sharing the stage with

It’s that time of year again! Confabulation is ready to kick it in to high gear for one wild and frenetic evening of two-minute tales. Our mission: jam a whole slew of these little pip-squeaks into one night! Last year we managed a whopping thirty-seven stories, and this year we’re looking for a solid thirty-five. Can we do it?

With all the sinkholes, email hacks, and haunted houses lying around, the world is a terrifying place, and Confabulation wants to provide a little comfort in times like these. Let’s meet on February 6th at Mainline Theatre for Confabulation Presents: Danger! Stories of weak knees, triumph, and tenacity in the face of great peril. Whether it’s the sound of sirens, a super

Between all the toenails, elbows, and veins, bodies are weird. Some of us are totally in sync with all our moving bits, while others are completely disconnected. However you interact with that crazy mess of limbs that transports you through your day, it’s with you 100% of the time, so you’re bound to relate to Confabulation’s January theme: The

December: the most famliest month of the year! Every year, around this time, we get all squishy for our relatives, and we have to make a big thing about it, invite all our friends, and have a good ol’ fashioned “my dad is better than your dad” contest. But this is Confabulation, and we’re on a never-ending quest for truth

Open up and get ready for a big spoonful of storytelling medicine! Trust us. It’s good for you. No really. On November 7th Confabulation presents: It’s Good for You (and other lies we tell ourselves). Join us as we pinch our nose, take our medicine, and wait to see what happens. We’re still accepting stories for this event, so send in your tales of

From foot fetishes to swinger’s clubs to hoarding and Bronies, Confabulation is spending October getting dirty and strange as we delve deep into the theme of Taboo: Stories we shouldn’t be telling. Featuring: Jane Amro, Marika Hirtle-Lewis, Natalie Willett, Gerard Harris, and more! Join us at 8pm on October 3rd at Mainline Theatre for an evening of the naughtiest stories we’ve