The leaves change and fall, the landlord plays with the heat, we look outside, sighing. And, I'm writing accidental haikus. It must be autumn. Let's turn up the heat a little. Confabulation, Montreal's only monthly all-true storytelling series returns. For November, our theme is Truth or Dare -- stories of brutal honesty, and the lengths we go to avoid it. We

Bad Medicine: Stories of cures, curses, and confusing the two. Medicine Hat, Medicine Man, Doctor Quinn Medicine Woman, Just a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down? Expect stories about problematic pills, strange surgeries, doubtful diagnoses, karmic cure-alls, and just getting what you need. Saturday October 4th, 8pm at MainLine Theatre (3997 blvd St Laurent) Here is the Facebook Event!

Confabulation is back for our fall instalment! Join us on Saturday September 6th at 8pm at MainLine Theatre (3997 blvd St Laurent) for On the Road: Stories of transition, travel, and crossing lines. We have lined up seven storyteller from Montreal and Toronto to share their tales from of the open road.  They are: Sage Tyrtle, Erin Rodgers, Zebulon Pike, Natalie Winshotts,

Confabulation is back from summer vacation, with Down to the Wire -- stories of split seconds, spontaneous choices, and living in the moment. Six-more true-life stories, from six true-life storytellers. It's happening on Saturday August 16th, 2014 at Montreal Improv Theatre, at a special time 7pm! Still Pay What You Can! After that, we'll back back to the first Saturday of every month,

CONFABULATION fans -- you can't miss this. Montreal's premier all true storytelling series brings you ALL of the stories. Every Nuit Blanche, we put away the details, and pull out the stop watch for a special night of 31 short stories -- all two minutes or less. Short stories are not hyperspeed narratives -- we tend to see a

For January, that most confusing of months, Confabulation -- Montreal's monthly all-true storytelling show -- is proud to present Broken Telephone: Tales of miscommunication, misunderstanding, and mistaken identity. And we're proud, as always, to have our January event be part of the Bouge d'ici dance festival! Now accepting story submissions -- send them to, or fill out the