Unique people, places and events create a city that is rich in personal and political histories. Confabulation is a monthly showcase dedicated to giving these stories a home, or at least a stage on which to play.

Confabulation is a unique storytelling event in Montreal, Toronto and Victoria, where all the stories told are true. They are honest accounts told without notes, props, or gimmicks. The show is inspired by millennia of oral tradition history, and hopes to encourage the practice and art of storytelling in this contemporary world.

Produced by actor and comedian Matt Goldberg and his brilliant team of producers, co-hosts and storytellers, Confabulation brings you a showcase of unique, true tales told live by people.

All kinds of people.
Doctors. Boxers. Students. Grandmas. You.
And hopefully, everybody.
For more background, read the Welcome to Confabulation blog post.
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