Between all the toenails, elbows, and veins, bodies are weird. Some of us are totally in sync with all our moving bits, while others are completely disconnected. However you interact with that crazy mess of limbs that transports you through your day, it’s with you 100% of the time, so you’re bound to relate to Confabulation’s January theme: The

December: the most famliest month of the year! Every year, around this time, we get all squishy for our relatives, and we have to make a big thing about it, invite all our friends, and have a good ol’ fashioned “my dad is better than your dad” contest. But this is Confabulation, and we’re on a never-ending quest for truth

Open up and get ready for a big spoonful of storytelling medicine! Trust us. It’s good for you. No really. On November 7th Confabulation presents: It’s Good for You (and other lies we tell ourselves). Join us as we pinch our nose, take our medicine, and wait to see what happens. We’re still accepting stories for this event, so send in your tales of

From foot fetishes to swinger’s clubs to hoarding and Bronies, Confabulation is spending October getting dirty and strange as we delve deep into the theme of Taboo: Stories we shouldn’t be telling. Featuring: Jane Amro, Marika Hirtle-Lewis, Natalie Willett, Gerard Harris, and more! Join us at 8pm on October 3rd at Mainline Theatre for an evening of the naughtiest stories we’ve

What happens when you're pushed to the edge, a bead of sweat on the tip of your nose, nowhere to go but down? Confabulation wants to find out. This month we explore the End of the Rope: stories of people pushed to their limits, scarcely being able to hold back, or breaking free entirely. Featuring: Jennifer Ansell-Clark Jeff Gandell Andrea Joy Al Lafrance Tessa J

… and we’re back, a little sunburned, but refreshed, renewed, and replete with stories, so let’s get down to business! August is swiftly approaching, and with it comes: The Comeback: Stories of Rising Up, Landing on Top, or Falling to the Bottom. Gracing the stage with tales fit for an Eye of the Tiger Montage: Maggie McDonnell Joe Conto Melanie Chursinoff Nisha Coleman Leigh Kinch-Pedrosa and Myke

It’s hot, and we deserve a little vacation, if for no other reason than to head out into the world and live new stories. We’ll be back in August with The Comeback: Stories of Rising Up, Landing on Top, or Falling to the Bottom. If you’ve got a story, hit us up through here. We always welcome new storytellers and

Confabulation, Montreal's original monthly all-true storytelling series is back with another night of stories shared by the people that lived them. For June, we're hosting another special show as part of the St. Ambroise Montreal FRINGE Festival. Confabulation presents: Fish out of Water. Stories of being in the wrong place, being at the wrong time, or just generally being out

Break out the birthday cake, and don those points hats. It's our fifth-birthday! Confabulation is so grateful to all you wonderful people for supporting Montreal's longest-running monthly true-life storytelling series these many years, and we're having a party to celebrate. As always, great stories shared by the people that lived them. As every birthday, cake. Made by our

After going double time in February and taking March off entirely, let's get back together again at the MainLine Theatre on Saturday April 4th for Confabulation - Montreal's premier all-true storytelling event! To ring in the Spring, Confabulation presents: April Fish - Stories of tricks, traps, and getting hooked.   Storytellers will be announced closer to the date and of